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Headcanon: Annabeth Chase

Alright, so I don’t know if this has been done but here is my take. Annabeth as a child must have been obsessed by Legos. I’m sure she built entire cities for her plushies, but when it got time to play with the plushies in the city, she’d just decide to go read or do something else. Because the building part was fun, the rest was ok but not necessary.

So when she ran away with Luke and Thalia, she kinda missed building her things creating nice organised structures. However reality was you can’t have Legos on the run, so she just put it in the back of her head.

Now when she got to camp Half-Blood, I’m sure in the Athena Cabin they had some Legos somewhere and that Annabeth just found them and drove everyone insane with her never ending constructions in the cabin (and of course the occasional Lego under foot moment).

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